-Straight Blast Gym International Camps: 20 Years And Counting-

-What Are SBG Camps?-

The SBGi camp is a proud tradition that started nearly 20 years ago; with the first one held in Mcminnville, Oregon. Since its inception it has grown into two massive annual events: Spring and Fall Camp. These events, where ever they are held, become a training mecca for SBGi students. You can expect coaches and students from around the world to be training nearly eight hours a day for the entire weekend.

Social aspect of camps-One Tribe, One Vibe, World Wide-

Of course you expect to get world class training coming to an SBG Camp, but it doesn’t end there.  The camps bring together friends and training partners from all over the world in a unique social setting unlike anything you’ve experienced.  The nights that follow will become some of the most memorable moments of your life.  Coming to camp on a regular basis affords one the opportunity to meet the greater tribe from all over the world. You will have the chance to network and train with fellow students from the many other academies as you share ideas and experiences. These new faces quickly become old friends.


-Once In A Lifetime Experiences-

Camp sets the stage for the most important gym custom, one that demands a larger tribe audience, the SBG Iron Man. The SBG Iron Man is the long standing tradition of the SBG belt promotion. The camps have become the main venue for brown and black belt promotions.  This sets the stage for SBG coaches and athletes showcase their skill set and share their progression with the entire tribe.  You only get Iron Manned for a belt once.

Don’t miss out on being a part of this long standing tradition and forever be a part of your training partners and coaches once in a life time experience.

winter camp 09

-Not To Be Missed-

Whether it’s the unique selection of students, coaches or material taught; no two camps will ever be the same. To miss a camp is to spend the rest of your life hearing your friends and fellow tribe members reminisce about the great time they had all while you stay awake at night regretting your decision to stay home.  Don’t let this happen to you.

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